October 7, 2010

Gotham City Enforcement Team

I'm kind of cheating here by re-posting old pictures and articles from my Toyriffic blog but 1) I had a better picture taking set-up back then and 2) you probably didn't read Toyriffic in 2008 anyways (if you even do now ;) )

So today let's take a look at the Jim Gordon action figure from the year two thousaaaaaand!

I love James Gordon. So in 2000, when another Batman Animated themed box set was released - The Gotham City Enforcement Team - with an exclusive James Gordon action figure, I was all over it like guano on a cave floor.

Jim Gordon is the closest thing to a father (besides Alfred, who could be argued to be the closest thing to a mother) Bruce Wayne has. His character is pivotal to a complete understanding of Batman. His character was handled extremely well in the animated series (as was everything about that now classic cartoon,) and he was voiced with strength and heart by Bob Hastings.

Gordon is lacking his trademark overcoat, and came with two ridiculously over sized handguns as accessories. That's fine...it was clear that these sets, with "exclusive, never before seen" figures were akin to Hasbro-house cleaning. They were most likely popping together prototypes and other pieces that had been acquired over the years and trying to get them out while the fire was still hot, or at least lukewarm. Purely business, I'm sure, but as a fan, how can one complain? They were giving us stuff that we would never have seen otherwise.

Gordon is right on target to his animated series look. He also uncannily resembles my grandfather.

He has a shoulder holster molded to his side...which makes up for a lack of a decent gun...although I did give him a gun from a Playmobil cowboy. I cut the barrel down to give it more of a police issued look.


Kim Dubuisson said...

So it does exist!
I've been telling Isaac (my son) that we need a Gordon figure!

ToyCon this weekend hopefully!!!!!!

Brian Ashmore said...

I love these 4-packs. I was a bit annoyed back then to have to buy 3 old figures to get 1 new one. These days, though, I find it pretty cool that these 4 packs exist. Cool packaging and fairly collector friendly... in that they can be displayed and then popped back in the pack later.

Gordon is one of my favorites from the entire line. I only wish we could have got an overcoat version.

Love the pack with Alfred, too.

GeekVariety said...

Yeah this was a pretty cool set but it left me wanting more so I made a kit with Gordon in his trench coat proper. http://geekvarietydotcom.deviantart.com/art/GVC-Original-Commissioner-Gordon-Figure-Kit-430809389

That a pic from my gallery of one that I painted up. Its based on this Gordon (obviously) but I think I took it to a place it should have gone. Pretty proud of this piece.