February 8, 2013

The Jokereteer!

I cannot believe we haven't talked about a little Batman movie from 1993, that goes by the name Batman: Mask of the Phantasm before now. 

If you are unfamiliar with it you really need to check it it. Through a series of flashbacks it tells a story of one of Bruce Wayne's past loves, the one he almost married, and her return to Gotham around the same time a new mysterious vigilante takes to the streets eliminating some of Gotham's crime bosses. The Gotham crime families turn to the Joker to help take out this new would be hero and at the same time he figures he can take out the Bat.

Joker has made his hide out in the art deco filled remains of the Gotham World's Fair pavilions and in one fight scene dons the flight pack to do battle with Batman and the Phantasm.

The figure is a representation of this scene, though if I am not mistaken the Joker does not have the boots and Rocketeer style pants in the movie. 

I think they made a nice touch on the figure, which is officially known as "Jet Pack Joker". His whole sculpt is actually a vintage style flight suit with his tie and flower topping it off.

The exhaust of the jet pack also makes a "Capture Nozzle" by taking a figures hand and jamming it in the end, the Joker can then take Batman (or whomever) on a wild ride.

Another nifty feature is the stylized flight helmet, that can be removed from the Joker's head  instead of it being sculpted on.

Of the small offering of figures from the movie this is one that you should probably look into if you are a fan of the Joker. The figure can still be picked up online for a pretty good price, this one was purchased years after the movie had come and gone from theaters at a local toy show.

I will have to dig out some more Mask of the Phantasm items to post, so keep an eye out, and keep an eye on the skies for the Jet Pack Joker.