April 26, 2012

Poison Ivy!

I finally own this garden fresh beauty!

I've owned the second Animated Ivy action figure for a while now, but only recently acquired the one, the only , the original Queen of Green herself!

I got her mint on card - the card was pretty beat up, but I knew I'd be opening her up right away, so it was irrelevant (but kept her price quite low!)

This, to me, is Pam's definitive look. Her skin color is normal, she's cherubic like a wood nymph, and she is deadly cute!

'Who are you calling 'cherubic,' meat puppet?!?!'

Pam came with a crossbow ala her Batman Animated appearance(s.)

It's pretty simple and can be held in either hand. At least it doesn't fire neon missiles the size of Batman himself! But for those of you who did want a gaudy accessory with your action figure back in the day...
Miss Ivy came with this giant Venus Flytrap maw with rows of razor sharp teeth!

'Feed me, Seymour!'

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