February 7, 2010

New Face

One of the most amazing aspects of Batman Animated inspired toys is their staying power. The toys have long outlived the cartoon that spawned them, and even today one can walk into a local pharmacy and walk out with a toy from the toon!

Case in point; I found this Two-Face hanging on the pegs at a CVS Pharmacy (previously Longs) a couple months ago here in California. Only three figures comprise this new "line," (a Batman and a Joker in addition to Two Face) and the other two aren't the best repaints ever, but Two-Face here is a great addition to any Batman Animated collection.

I know this particular figure has been released a few times before, but I think this is one of the best detailed versions yet. Dent's suit is the perfect match between chaos...

...and sanity.

My only gripe is that his coin is a gold color, and we all know Harvey Dent's double-headed coin is a silver dollar. This is certainly an easy fix for anyone who is so inclined, so it isn't anything that should make one avoid the figure. I don't know if these guys are showing up anywhere besides the pharmacy/drug store circuit, but he was somewhere around $7.99 or so at CVS. Toys are always more at stores like that, so it's no surprise, but I didn't already have a Batman Animated Two-Face, so I snagged him. Should you try to track one down yourself? I don't know, why don't you flip a coin.

"Call it!"