April 13, 2010

Woman Driver

Back in 1993 McDonalds released a set of toys based on the Batman: Animated Series. The set was really well excecuted and included a few "action figures" as well as a few characters in vehicles themed after their personalities. When properly executed, I really dig that sort of thing. And these were properly executed.

I'm sure between Charles and I we will cover all the toys from the McDonalds series over time; today we take a look at Poison Ivy in her plantmobile.

Ivy's driving a plant based vehicle (natch,) with a huge gaping venus flytrap maw at the front that opens and closes as the vehicle is rolled forward.

The toy is very cutely designed. Reminiscent of the Wacky Racers, I can really see Poison Ivy scooting around Gotham City in a "little spruce coupe" like this.

"Feed me!"

Ivy herself is simple but cute and really looks like her cartoon counterpart. Not bad for a McDonald's freebie!

Now get out of the road, there's a sale on roses at the nursery!