March 22, 2010

My Blood Runs Cold...

Today we take a look at the second character design of Mr. Freeze in Batman: Animated continuity, which first appeared in the re-christened "The New Batman Adventures" episode Cold Comfort. To be fair, I'll post a spoiler warning here if you haven't watched the episode. And if you haven't watched the episode WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!


Now that that is over with.

Mr. Freeze was given a much more Grand Moff Tarkin/Nazi General look for his redesign in the updated cartoon, and the action figure looks like it literally stepped straight off the screen. This is one action figure that delivers!

Dubbed "Insect-Body Mr. Freeze," (the reason why is the "big reveal" of the episode,) Freeze appeared in the Mission Masters sub-set of The New Batman Adventures action figure line, released by Kenner in 1998.

Click the picture to look closely at the cardback, for all of you who are into that sort of thing.

The card art on the front shows you what old Freezy has been up to since we last saw him. Yipes - spidery upgrades!

The absolute beauty of Insect Body Mr. Freeze is the fact that his "action feature" in no way detracts from his figure's look and form. You want a solid Mr. Freeze figure, you got it. But you also get the spidery goodness of his new form. Wow, the toy designer who got this one past his superior will forever have my gratitude!

His head and face sculpt are also spot-on to the cartoon.

"You would prefer another target, a military target? Then name the system!

err...umm..I mean...

Revenge is a dish best served...cold."

Mr. Freeze comes with a simple black plastic Freeze gun.

"Hold it right there, you!"

Of course the part that shoots this action figure over the top is the "Insect Body" feature, which Freeze's head can be attached to after detaching it from his "human" body.

Creepy and cool, Insect Body Mr. Freeze is one of the only characters from the redesigned New Batman Adventures to see plastic during the cartoon's time. The cartoon, the toys and the era were heading towards an end, or an evolution if you consider the Justice League and JLU cartoons...

...but what an era it was!

March 4, 2010

Quick to the Batcycle!

Finally a post of my very own! Thought I would start with something I had passed on back in 1992, The Batcycle. In the early days I would pass on stuff like this because the figure would not come off the vehicle, now I love these for what they are. The shows influence can be seen all over this Bat vehicle, from the front fender to the sloped windscreen and the Bat wing rear fender.

A great example of packaging, all the selling points front and center, a great piece of art for that action feel and the shows logo! I really love the look of this card.

The back of the card featuring some cross sell items, one that inspired this site, and a great set of photo instructions.

A great art deco front end on this cycle, I would love to have a bike like this Batman should be proud. This cycle always reminds me of a scene in the Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Movie where Bruce Wayne takes a motor cycle to apprehend a street gang. More on that movie later.

Batman does sit up so you can rev the cycle. This is some sort of switch to allow you to rev the bike safely with out damaging the motor.

When you have it ready to go you push him forward and let her rip! I have yet to make a successful run, but he supposedly can ride wheelie. I don't doubt Batman can do this, he has skills.

Cool feature is the cycle is wide enough to just sit and it looks like Batman is taking a corner.

The head on Batman does move and he comes with a cloth cape to flap in the breeze.

Has some detail on the controls, a gas cap and the head lamp is a sticker.

Another great view of that front fender, I love the silver fin detail on the front.

A parting shot of the rear wheel detail.

All and all I'm pretty happy with this little side purchase. I actually have a nice packaged one since I was trying at one time to get a set of the first series or so of BTAS figures in packages. This one was an impulse buy at a really, really low price and I couldn't pass on it again. Now I'm off to rid the streets of Gotham City of crime!