February 13, 2014

NEW Batman Animated action figures coming in 2014 from DC Collectibles!

DC Collectibles just released to the media a sneak peek at all of their 2014 releases, and probably the biggest surprise is the following two action figure reveals:

Holy in my wallet that pours my money directly into DC Collectibles' bank account, Batman! In 2014 DC Collectibles will be releasing all new action figures based on the preeminent in Batman on screen: Batman Animated action figures with multiple points of articulation and screen accurate sculpts! This Batman Animated Catwoman action figure WILL BE MINE...

...as will this GORGEOUS The New Batman Adventures Batman action figure. These are simply incredible looking action figures - no word yet on scale (I dare assume 6") or price etc. etc. but I will update you as soon as I find out because I am buying these on day one! And according to MTV.com Two-Face and Mr. Freeze have also been announced! To see more DC Collectibles reveals, check out my other blog Toyriffic.