July 31, 2014


Picked up this unexpected 100-page spectacular of DC Comics Presents: Batman Adventures #1 last Wednesday at my local comic shop! This is a really collection of reprints from Batman Adventures #2 and 27, Batman: Gotham Adventures #2 and 4, and short from Adventures In the DC Universe #3, but fun nonetheless! The giants of Batman the Animated are all here, including artists Bruce Timm, Ty Templeton, Rick Burchett, Mike Parobeck, and writers Kelley Puckett and Paul Dini. My favorite story was "Survivor Syndrome", about another vengeance driven vigilante dons the cowl in bitter memory of his murdered wife, whom Batman takes under his wing to temper the fallen athlete's anger. Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Two-Face also make appearances- great stuff!

With Batman's 75th Anniversary in full swing, the more popular treatments of the character are being celebrated again, including our beloved Animated version. BTATB's own Bubbashelby gave us a peek at a couple of DC Collectible's forthcoming action figures in the Animated style back in February, and I recently picked up their Summer Fall Portfolio 2014-15, which gave a nice clean shot of things to come...
More Later- Make It FUN!

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