March 23, 2012


One of the best character designs and re-imagined origins for the Batman: The Animated Series was Mr. Freeze. I love the old-school sci-fi/spacesuit look and the 'glass' dome helmet, not to mention the red-lensed goggles.

Mr. Freeze is a delight to the eyes!

The funny thing about his re-written and often lauded origin for the animated series: It was kind of a fluke. I mean, they re-wrote almost every character's origin story! No one sings the praises of the Harvey Dent explosion on the walkway or the Joker's gangster origins (although that one was inspired by the '89 movie for sure.) But oh my, what a brilliant re-imagining for Mr. Freeze!

I kid. It was a brilliant re-imagining. My point is just that with all those re-imaginings, they were bound for a base hit at least once!

Ahem, back to the toy. Mr. Freeze comes, as Mr. Freeze toys often do, with a water shooting weapon. This one is a little different in that the water pressure will toss out an' ice-missile,' which is neat in action and in display. And more relevant to Mr. Freeze than plain water.

However I prefer Freeze's gun to be deceptively unarmed, and the design allows for you to display it that way as well.

His 'backpack' serves as the water receptacle and is made of a soft plastic/rubber material. It was a bit sticky when I released Freeze from his plastic prison, but considering he sat in there for 19 years, it was not a surprise and a little soap washed the sticky right off. I have not tested it for leaks yet, but I'm not going to be squirting Batman with him much anyways.

It would be neat and probably pretty easy to customize a single blue cylinder to be more in keeping with his animated appearance, and I may attempt such a thing someday.

In the meantime, here's the cardback showing all the other cool Batman Animated toys you could get back in 1993.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

that is a GREAT toy! I love the styling as well!

Unknown said...

Best version of Freeze by far and i loved his return in Batman Beyond.

BigDaddyDarth said...

BtAS spawned some great character designs. The Mr. Freeze costume is 1930s retro. Love it.

Awesome figure.