December 28, 2011

Happy Harleynukkah and Merry Quinnsmas

I tend to forget that even though a toy isn't an action figure, it's still 'Batman the Animated Toys' relevant, and therefore should be blogged about here.

Case in point: this Harley Quinn 'beanie' dolly.

I got this Harley Quinn for my daughter for Christmas. This beanie doll was originally sold at WB Stores in 1999, so sufficed to say I had to do some 'secondary market' (aka eBay) searching to get it. My daughter also has Poison Ivy and her sister has Batgirl...maybe I'll get those on the blog someday as well.

I've been patient and wise in my search for these BTAS beanies, so I have been able to procure all three that we currently own here for around what they retailed for when new. But I do see them appear for pretty high prices on eBay quite often. The fact that they were made so long ago for a now defunct specialty store does tend to give them the air of rarity, but be patient and you too could probably find most if not all of them for less than ten bucks each.

Here's another shot of Harley with some more of my daughter's Christmas loot!


Nacho said...

You have a greta blog, i also collect btas toys and comics. hope u can take a look at my spanish blog:

Happy holidays!!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

We saw that, Nacho- very cool! Feliz Navidad :D

John said...

Cool Harley. I miss the Warner Bros. stores. I picked up a lot of cool stuff there back in the day. Especially, Batman stuff.