October 27, 2011

The Batman & Robin Aventures #9

The Batman & Robin Adventures was a DC Comics title that ran from 1995-1997, set in the continuity & style of the popular animated series. From 1992-1995 it had been The Batman Adventures until the television series Batman: The Animated Series was re-branded The Adventures of Batman and Robin. There were twenty-five issues, two annuals, and two specials. I picked up this ragged issue in the dollar bin at a local comics retailer, having never read one of these upbeat, kid-friendly little books. I mean, who could resist that cover with Batgirl flying into action?? Any of you kids ever have any of these?

Taking courses in criminal toxicology, Barbara Gordon returns from her locker to find the nightwatchmen tranquilized on the lobby floor. With the police five minutes away, she decides Batgirl may be needed before it's too late!
As it turns out, Barbara's professor, Dr. Fazil (now Mr. Siddiq), was formerly employed/enslaved by Ra's Al Ghul, and Talia was sent to retrieve the renowned disease & immunity expert after his sudden disappearance.
Talia proceeds to give the younger, less experienced Babs a scathing beat down, and while laying in the closet floor of the laboratory she spots a can of bromide powder. Remembering a childhood chemistry lesson, she also grabs a container of denzenel on the way downstairs, in pursuit of Talia & her hostage. Her confidence is regained in the knowledge that together these are the ingredients to a form of tear gas, which puts Talia down as the Gotham police arrive onto the scene.
Pulling Mr. Siddiq to safety, Babs loses his kidnapper- never having learned Talia's name nor her intent. Writing in her journal that night, Barbara recalls what Talia said during their confrontation, about it taking more than a costume to make a warrior. Talia was right about that, Barbara noted, adding that "it takes courage & brains, too."   :)

*Writer: Ty Templeton
*Pencils: Brandon Kruse
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chunky B said...

I like it! I was wondering who would post the first comic or magazine.

Unknown said...

I like it Super-D! Can't wait for the next.

John Sholtz said...

Sweet! A change from the norm, but I like it.

Brian B said...

I wasn't a kid then but I bought em.
Loved the art and I could let my kids read them.
Still have them.

Brian Ashmore said...

I love this art-style. I wish comics would start to move back towards this style and level of kid-friendliness. The comic companies whine about there not being enough kids growing up reading comics, these days... well, Duh.

I like that Batgirl was able to use knowledge she learned in school! Stay in school, kids... like Batgirl! :)

Nacho said...

What a great blog! I am a big fan of btas!!

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