May 1, 2011

Fuga Dalla Prigione Di Arkham

What? Oh I'm sorry Arkham Asylum Escape, two pack from Kenner. I have been on the prowl for this two pack or for that matter the four pack that included the Arkham Asylum entrance gates for a long, long time. How long you ask? Lets see the two pack was released in 1997. So about that long.

Notice Batman is "Batman" in all languages represented here? He's the Batman that's why!

Now, I remember seeing both the two packs and the four packs in stores back then and I always thought "those will always be around" Boy was I wrong. The four packs disappeared over night, the two pack hung out for a while longer, but in the back of my head I kept thinking "get it next time, you need these other toys now!" I hate budgets.

All that being said I have been relentlessly searching for these gates at every toy show, flee market and ebay listing ever since... well relentlessly searching for an inexpensive set ever since. Finally the gates broke wide open and out rushed a super inexpensive two pack. I guess no one wanted this one, the package was rough, but I wanted to open it anyway so I didn't care. I could have went the rout of buying the gates loose, but where is the fun in that? I wanted the whole experience, plus I needed a loose version of Two-Face for the shelf and I could always use a different Batman.

I will admit that I did feel a little weird opening up this 14 year old package, plus to make matters a little worse it was a trilingual version and by the looks not the usual English, Canadian English, French I am so used to seeing in toy shops and on Star Wars figures, no this looks like the Queen's English, Spanish (guessing here) and Italian. But I decided to open it up anyway, if not for the gates (personal reasons) than for the good readers of Batman the Animated Toy.

First up is the Gates. Not much going on here but man are these going to look awesome on the shelf with all the baddies busting out of them.

Oh no it's Dos Caras! Due-Facce! Two Face! This would be the Batman Adventures version of the character, a more stylized version than what appeared on Batman the Animated Series in the first two seasons. he comes with some really nice guns, a pistol and what looks like a sub-machine gun.

Two -Face also comes with a straight jacket that wraps around the figure and fastens in the back to keep him behaving. the package calls this a "harness".

Batman, again from The New Adventures, comes with the molded flowing cape, a first for my collection. Oh I have a silver suit Batman from Mattel, but not this one from Kenner. I will admit I would have liked to have seen a more "natural" looking bat here, but he is a nice addition and I welcome new Batman with open arms. He comes with a grappling hook type device, described on the package as "weapon", that is of course over sized.

Here's a pretty fun item, you can fasten the projectile end of the "weapon" to the "harness" and string Two-Face up on the Asylum Gates for the staff or Police to find later. Hey it shows this on the package, I did't make this up.

I guess if anything this shows if you are patient enough and stick to it you will find the item you are looking for for the price you want to pay, or better, in a matter of time. Oh and this was less than 9 bucks with shipping included, if I am not mistaken these were retailing around 9.99 plus tax back in the day, possible a little more, so not bad in my opinion.

Hope you enjoyed the Gates of Arkham, I am certainly glad to get a hold of these. I had planned a totally different post (and it's still in the works) I was just pretty excited to finally get these in hand and wanted to bust them out for you to see... speaking of busting out, looks like Bats has some work to do! See you next time.


Erin Snyder said...

That gate is absolutely beautiful. Brilliant find, especially at $9.

Brian A said...

I hope you didn't wait THAT long just to get your hands on the gates... they look like crap.

Ha! Just yankin' your chain. They look fantastic!... and really round out a BTAS figure display. You're really making me want to have a loose set of BTAS on the shelf.... grrrrr.

Great score. I love it when you find something you've been watching for at such a great price.

Bubbashelby said...

I need to track those gates down now! Nice score!

And don't mind Brian, he's just disappointed that this post involved exactly zero pairs of removed pants.

Nacho said...

Yes, that´s espa├▒ol ;)

chunky B said...

Ha ha, Thanks Nacho. I checked out your bog, it looks great! It's always nice to meet fellow BTAS fans!