August 3, 2010

Beware the Gray Ghost!

New animated style toys coming out! One of my, and I'm sure many others, favorite BTAS episodes involved the Gray Ghost. While I was running around in San Diego a week or so ago I snapped this picture for our readers. It looks like it's part of a three pack including a Batman and the Joker, which I have a ton of, but of course I will think about grabbing one of these for the Gray Ghost. Makes me wish I would have picked up the last BTAS three pack with Batgirl, Penguin and Nightwing. Maybe I'll see it out again next time I'm at a Target. That reminds me, has anyone ever seen the Batman Beyond three pack? I missed that one as well.

Now I'm looking at this a little closer and just noticed the standard JLU Batman has the yellow oval Bat Symbol, sweet!


Bubbashelby said...

Gray Ghost is a must have!

Brian B said...

Gray ghost was a cool episode.

I have never seen a Batman Beyond figure at all.

I bet we see more now that the comic is out and doing well.

Dash MacBastard said...

Great blog! Added it to my link list!

Unknown said...

Very interesting. Thanks for your blog. I would like to say that am seriously a very big fan of Godzilla and its movies. I love all the characters of the series. I started collecting a huge collection of Godzilla Toys after that.