March 4, 2010

Quick to the Batcycle!

Finally a post of my very own! Thought I would start with something I had passed on back in 1992, The Batcycle. In the early days I would pass on stuff like this because the figure would not come off the vehicle, now I love these for what they are. The shows influence can be seen all over this Bat vehicle, from the front fender to the sloped windscreen and the Bat wing rear fender.

A great example of packaging, all the selling points front and center, a great piece of art for that action feel and the shows logo! I really love the look of this card.

The back of the card featuring some cross sell items, one that inspired this site, and a great set of photo instructions.

A great art deco front end on this cycle, I would love to have a bike like this Batman should be proud. This cycle always reminds me of a scene in the Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Movie where Bruce Wayne takes a motor cycle to apprehend a street gang. More on that movie later.

Batman does sit up so you can rev the cycle. This is some sort of switch to allow you to rev the bike safely with out damaging the motor.

When you have it ready to go you push him forward and let her rip! I have yet to make a successful run, but he supposedly can ride wheelie. I don't doubt Batman can do this, he has skills.

Cool feature is the cycle is wide enough to just sit and it looks like Batman is taking a corner.

The head on Batman does move and he comes with a cloth cape to flap in the breeze.

Has some detail on the controls, a gas cap and the head lamp is a sticker.

Another great view of that front fender, I love the silver fin detail on the front.

A parting shot of the rear wheel detail.

All and all I'm pretty happy with this little side purchase. I actually have a nice packaged one since I was trying at one time to get a set of the first series or so of BTAS figures in packages. This one was an impulse buy at a really, really low price and I couldn't pass on it again. Now I'm off to rid the streets of Gotham City of crime!


Bubbashelby said...

I am also no fan of the non-removable figures, but the art deco styling on this one is beautiful, and it fits perfectly into the Batman: Animated universe. Nice bike!

Brian Ashmore said...

Ah... there it is!

I didn't buy this one when it was released for the same reason... non-removable figure. I wish I had now, though. This is very cool.

Does this rev sort of like the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle? I know it doesn't have a winder but are the mechanics of the rev motor similar?

I like the scene you mentioned in from MOTP. The slow-motion segment when Bruce is punching the guy off the bike is AWESOME!!

chunky B said...

I thought for sure you both would have had one of these rolling around.

Brian, to answer your question, no it doesn't have the winder, but I believe it's about the same, you "rev" it my rolling it forward repeatedly and then "switch" Batman forward and let it go. Come to think of it I really do not know if you have to switch Batman or if he just moves when you release it, I'll have to try it out some more.

Brian B said...

I bought this one for my kids back in the day.

They played with it hard and I am not sure if it survives in my collection now.

Here is hope I unearth him one day!

Razmanshah said...

Ah man!! I want this!

Added you to my blog.